Executive Coaching

Naveen has been practicing Executive Coaching to support CXO/ CEO level leaders in transforming themselves. In these turbulent and rapidly changing times, past definitions of success are not necessarily the recipes for future achievement.

Here is where executive coaching from an experienced professional makes significant difference to the individual and more importantly to the organization. It enables one to shed baggage, UN-learn and re-learn with equal pace at the same time. He believes in helping tapping within the self of the leader to help more equilibrium. He creates a wholesome space wherein issues of conflict and fear within can be discussed at ease.

“Leaders are all works in progress and so am I as we learn together in this journey”

Professional Experience:

His coaching methodology draws insights from the latest research and merging that on learning’s from eastern wisdom that propound the fact that if we know and manage ourselves well, we can set the agenda and lead well too. Hence, much of his intervention and conversation’s are modeled around the critical belief of managing the self. His coaching also helps executives address another fundamental leadership issue—that of transparency and trust. Focus on the ability to act and learn from failures is something he stresses on.

Recognizing that it is usually very lonely at the top, Naveen’s coaching techniques help the coachee find in her/him someone whom s/he can discuss and brainstorm various issues and  ideas—whether they are personal, functional, strategic or board level. Offering himself as a guide and a friend, Naveen tackles the underlying leadership issues of the coachee to support him to align with the stake-holders and help her/him to analyze their own behavior and reinvent it.

He has significant exposure to Groups like Tata’s , A V Birla , Murugappa , Wipro , Deloitte and Delphi. Has spent time with a diverse set of leader’s in large groups where manufacturing and service sector’s businesses co-exist in the same group. He also runs a leadership search firm based in India. Culture understanding and fitment is very important in his eyes. He has researched on importance of Culture and the understanding of Emotion’s.


Career Coaching

This is a special thread wherein we do 4 sessions , 1:1 sessions for ONLY senior leadership ideally above 40 years of age . Herein it’s about uncovering some more deeper threads around work and career in the long run . This will require some pre work and also digging into the past .



It’s all about having the chemistry to respect each other as individuals


It’s not about judging each other with biases


Real Sharing can only happen when we feel safe