His ability to combine his experiential learning with the theory of coaching
will make for very good reading. I hope that readers make an effort
to read the emotions that lie behind the text.

Evolutionary Perspective : A Holistic Perspective
Knowing When To Hold Or Fold!

Stewardship demands a lot of sacrifice and putting others ahead of you. Succession is one such issue which can make or break the legacy of a Steward if not handled well.. Explore

Do We Always Need Purpose?

I was seeking attention by telling everyone how hard I worked and how tired I was. In reality, I was limiting myself and missing out on things that mattered most to me.. Explore

Ties that Bind

A family that works together may not always stay together.. Explore

When Strategy and Values Collide

Family-owned companies have entrenched cultures and values. Outsiders are needed to balance such firms, but they must tread very carefully.. Explore

At peace with ourselves

We must realise that we are mere instruments in the hands of God.. Explore

Purposeful Purposelessness

So let’s SET up a daily regime wherein from NOW we Live in the present tense with good values, thoughts and action.. Explore

How to prepare Future Leaders

To ensure that the future of a business is entrusted in able hands, future leaders need to be identified early on and comprehensive training needs to be provided to enable them with the right skill set and decision-making acumen. Explore

The glue that can hold a family together

Trust and fair play are integral elements that tie the family business unit together and help keep controversies at bay Explore

Why letting go of the quest for perfection can mean success

To adapt and make peace with the notion that nothing and no one is perfect may not come easily for many people. However, relinquishing the idea of perfection for excellence can serve as the key to effective relationship management, whether it is within the family unit or the business. Explore

Family business decoded

Family businesses decoded, Family-owned businesses require evolutionary leadership from the ground-level with stewardship from all members of the organisation, says Naveen Khajanchi. Explore

Writeup in MARWAR

The challenge is to find a leader with the right balance of objectivity, positive disruption, team-playing abilities and most importantly, one who is a good cultural fit. Explore

Thesis at INSEAD

(Un)Settling into Family Owned Businesses in India: Finding the Cultural Equilibrium. Explore