Leaders are all works in progress, and so am I, as we learn together on this journey

Naveen Khajanchi has been an Executive Coach & Leadership Search Partner to Leaders from the corporate world and business families, helping them in transforming themselves to the needs of their current environment. He has extensive experience in Search coaching & advising, ranging from start-ups to niche consulting.

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Some thoughts

It’s no longer but being cool to show the world it’s all about feeling COOL about one’s self from inside .

Our lives can't get better by CHANCE , it can get better by CHANGE if you are willing to give it a CHANCE to succeed . Choose Happiness

Notional exercises of the mind in the air ( satisfy ego & intellect ) but the ground reality is where it was . Past & Future with no Present !

Power is the currency in the corporate leadership world , wield it safely to yield a legacy or failure

Become seamless in your persona, assess others but do not judge, live simply with joy & happiness in the present

Happiness is when you are happy yourself from inside and start enjoying giving it out joyfully without expectation,seeking nothing in return

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