God is running you and the other person

You do what’s good for you and let the other person do what’s good for them.

Executive Coaching

Naveen is a highly experienced coach who is armed with extensive field knowledge and practical insights along with an Executive Masters in Change from Insead and a Marshall Goldsmith’s SCC Certification.


Transforming workforce culture is not an easy feat. Naveen offers residential programmes to in house participants for changing behaviours and attitudes at an individual, group and company level to achieve
remarkable results.

Leadership Search

Naveen comprehends the importance of hiring individuals whose belief systems are congruent with an organization’s culture and values. He assists leaders in understanding and adapting to the organization’s vibe in order to achieve the fine balance of professional satisfaction and organizational success.


When siblings try to draw a circle to exclude,draw a larger circle to include


I am work in progress . Always unlearning & relearning to learn better


Accept , Take Charge and Make the Most of what you have


Purposeful alignment of People, Organisation, Society and Environment.

Video in Hindi on ATM for Happiniess and Family Business.You can watch it here or check my youtube channel for more Videos

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