Evolutionary Leadership

by Naveen Khajanchi, EMCCC at

An immensely absorbing read, this book offers practical wisdom to all who aspire to lead. A unique model of leadership, says management philosopher Naveen Khajanchi, combines modern processes with ancient Eastern wisdom.

"The definition of a true leader is one who exercises freedom of choice without fear of favour but who strictly adheres within the boundaries of the eternal values of truth and goodness."

Naveen Khajanchi is the founder of Executive Search Service.
He offers Executive Coaching Services for Behavioural Change of Leadership Talent.
He has about twenty years of work experience and has been fortunate to deal with most sections of society. Read more..

The book is about learnings and experiences that lead us to evolve and grow from within. We start moving to a state of naturally good actions and behaviours daily. Read more..

Subjects covered in the book
  • Values to Live by
  • Good company
  • Good Thoughts
  • In the Workplace
  • Good Action
  • Needs vs. Wants
  • Understanding Ego
  • Believing in One's Self
  • Being Happy
  • Gratitude
  • Work-life Balance
  • Important tips for a Happy Family Life
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