"The definition of a true leader is one who exercises freedom of choice without fear of favour but who strictly adheres within the boundaries of the eternal values of truth and goodness."

Naveen Khajanchi

Naveen Khajanchi is the founder of Executive Search Service (A div of NKH Foundation Pvt Ltd). He is a seasoned professional who has done start-ups in Leadership Recruitment and high-end real estate consulting. He offers Leadership Coaching for stakeholders of large family owned businesses and MNC’s in India and globally.

He has about twenty years of work experience and has been fortunate to deal with most sections of society. He considers Marshall Goldsmith his coaching guru and has also been fortunate to be guided by Darshan Chitrabanu.Naveen believes that satkarma (good deeds) and satsang (good company) have to work together.Naveen has completed Executive Master in Change at INSEAD from its Singapore Campus in the year 2013.


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Family Business

When my brothers / sisters try to draw a circle to exclude me, I shall draw a larger circle to include them. Where they speak out for the privileges of a majority shareholder group, I shall shout for the rights of all in the extended family…. says Naveen Khajanchi

1:1 Executive

My desire is create safe space for sharing and showing the mirror. It’s not about problem solving rather sharing different lens and allowing you to choose a down what works for you.


Our focus knows the Customer and the Customers Customer. Focus is on a deep two way engagement and ensuring that the learning can be applied in your real life too.


We Dig Deeper To fill in the gaps between the current stage and the desired stage.Active participation is encouraged so that the practice of the learning can be applied in real life.

What gives you success?

Learning Unlearning Relearning
Persist or Perish
Know Thyself