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Having serviced some of India’s best known value driven groupslike Tata Sons, Aditya Birla, Murugappa, Wipro, etc. on leadership search. Now, I also work with CXOs on Executive Coaching and facilitate workshops on soft skills and happiness.

Naveen is a highly experienced coach who is armed with extensive field knowledge and practical insights along with an Executive Masters In Chnage from Insead and a Marshall Goldsmith’s SCC Certification.CEOs and CHROs seek him out for bringing about positive behaviouralchanges through his face-to-face safe-space sessions. He also offers customised coaching to CXOs to help them overcome personal and professional hurdles and transition to the next phase of their lives.Naveen’s use of practical, growth-oriented methods helps define desired behaviours for becoming future global leaders.

Naveen specialises in curating customised training programmes based on the specific needs of a group.As a facilitator, he collaborates with organizations and its teams to have a comprehensive understanding of
the current state vs the desired state. Naveen not only aims to eliminate the underlying disconnect that hinders growth, but he also believes in knowing his customer’s customer to design the most effective training. His method of conducting training through real life scenarios makes it relatable and ensures a high recall value.

Naveen has been a trusted leadership search partner for global giants like Tata Sons, Murugappa group, A V Birla amongst others. What sets him apart from his contemporaries is the deep relationship he fosters with his clients. He has met and personally interviewed thousands of leaders all over the world.His industry knowledge, thorough understanding of the parameters of culture fitment and a reputation of informal on-boarding have earned him an unique status of a trusted partner with impeccable values.

My Book


  • A good leader is one who can listen to and appreciate others and yet maintain objectivity, writes Naveen Khajanchi in Evolutionary Leadership: A holistic perspective (EastWest). This, in his view, is often the secret of successful team action, because when people feel they have been listened to before the action is taken, they are more aligned to it

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